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Brief Housekeeping

Things are slowly headed toward some version of "normal" in my household, after five weeks of waiting for, then experiencing, the birth of our boy Sasha. I've actually gone back to work this week, where things are only slightly less hectic than at home, and only because my email isn't working the way it should. Whatever...

All of this is a long way of saying that I'm hoping things will pick up a bit on the site in the next week or so. I've been handicapped by time, sure, but also somewhat content to let things be a bit quiet for now, as a contrast to the long season that, as I type, is estimated to be a mere 46 days and two hours away, if you don't count the Tour of Cali, or the Tour Down Under for that matter. Once the Belgian season starts, this site will be positively humming almost non-stop til October. So while I feel a bit guilty about having a few hundred people a day stop by to see nothing much new, folks should understand that this is merely a temporary and vaguely logical pause.

One causalty of late has been the daily feedbag. Right now, all I can garner is stuff I think people have seen elsewhere before I've gotten to it, so it seems like a waste of time. When the season starts and there are more stories flying around, a links column probably has value. But where there are only one or two stories a day anyplace, you don't need me to point to them.

General team previews will be starting very soon. I'm happy to write several of them, but if people want to take a crack at running down their favorite team (who's new, who's gone, strengths and weaknesses, predictions, maybe even a doping outlook), please take the reins.