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Ah, the Secretive Nature of Cycling

Does it strike anyone as odd that a team's strategy for victory could be common knowledge? Months before the first race? In specific detail? Published on a fan/news site? I guess the real question is, does this bother Milram?

Ale-Jet will still have his trusted compatriots, Fabio Sacchi, Alberto Ongarato and Marco Velo, but the new signings should help control the finale to produce victories. The lead-out train should have Sacchi start from -2.5 kilometres and pull to -1.7, Lancaster to -1.2, Sieberg to -800 metres, Ongarato to -400 and Velo would leave Petacchi at -150 to the line.

My guess as to the answer is, Milram doesn't care. Anyone who was around last year saw Milram try the same thing every time, and the year before the same people were doing it for Fassa Bortolo (ah, the good old days...). Petacchi's approach has always had a little Muhammad Ali in it: here's what we're going to do. See if you can stop it.