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Podium Cafe Jerseys and Merchandise?

Sorry to Petey about hijacking the poll; we can bring it back in a bit. But I want to pick up on the last thread and the comments about merchandise. It makes sense to have something like this up and running before the season starts, at least in the sense that if it were ever worth doing, it's worth doing now. There are a couple different companies who do this stuff, and the prices even for single items should be no worse than what you'd pay at the airport... I don't need to order in blocks of 75. Shorter Chris: it wouldn't be hard to generate some Podium Cafe merchandise.

By merchandise I mean t-shirts, coffee mugs, I've seen beer steins (butt-ugly, but steins...). Are people interested in such things? Another matter entirely: are people interested in bike jerseys? That's something where minimum orders would be an issue.

Please take the poll, and please, expressing your lack of interest in anything at all is helpful too. Just be honest. And hopefully the poll will allow multiple selections for once. If it doesn't, and a bike jersey was one of your choices, mark that one.

One last thing: the Virtual DS jerseys won't be ready until late March. Our four-shirt order didn't put us at the top of the to-do list, apparently. But they're going to be freaking beautiful.