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Davis and Farrar coming to America?

If this turns out to be true I'm going to be excited.

Davis to Discovery?

The 2007 Discovery Channel team supposedly finalised their roster earlier this month, but rumours that the team has signed Australian Allan Davis and the young American, Tyler Farrar have recently surfaced because the team's fan site,, briefly showed a roster including the two riders. The list has since been taken down, but the team could not be reached for comment.

If true, this will be a boon for the 26-year-old Davis. He was part of the Manolo Saiz' embattled Astana team, and after having his name mentioned in Operacion Puerto, he was cleared by his federation but had trouble finding a team.

Tyler Farrar, however, was present at his Cofidis team launch in Paris on Thursday, and is under contract with the team through 2007, so it's unlikely that rumours of his joining Discovery are true.