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Daily Feedbag

A few quick notes...

  • On Jonathan Page's triumphant weekend: He tells VN that two teams already called about his services for next year. Drew has a nice writeup below, while Pez checks in with the technicolor version.
  • Sorry climbers: the 2011 road Worlds will be in Copenhagen, not known for its monster climbs. Strangely, the UCI hasn't settled on 2010's site yet, so maybe all hope for climbers is not lost.
  • Buried in the CN notes is Carlos Sastre's 2007 calendar: Pais Vasco, La Fleche, LBL, Romandie, Suisse and le Tour. More like a team leader's slate than last year's grind.
  • CN also has an exclusive interview with Ivan Basso. Which may come as a surprise to Eurosport, who also nabbed the Italian star in California.
  • Our good friend Jered has his own interview with a Disco star, Tom Danielson, in two parts. All due respect to Basso, Danielson is a much better interview.