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Il Killer: What Happened?

Pez sits down with Danilo DiLuca and explores his peaks (2005) and valleys (2006). Some of the highlights...

"I've had some physical problems last winter and some of them (a teeth problem) were still present during the first important appointment of the season, the Tirreno Adriatico. I tried to catch up from then and I chased all the season without reaching really good performances".

OK, fair enough... but what about the whole I'm-a-grand-tour-contender fiasco?

"I'm still convinced that I can have the Giro as a main target. I'm much more convinced after the presentation because this year the route is better suited to my technical characteristics. There's no more the long time trial and instead of it there is the climb time trial in Oropa that I really like. If I have to consider one stage I think it's to Oropa."

There's more. Read the rest at Pez.