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Two For Tommeke

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Boonen beats Petacchi. Dog bites man. Ho hum.

CN has the call though I don't see much about how the sprint was won. Gotta wait on highlights then. But at least they have some good quotes regarding Boonen's mental state. A week ago he wasn't feeling so plucky, but once the pedals started turning... well, when you're old school, you don't let some off-bike distractions about your boss keep you down. Not with Petacchi to conquer:

"I already said before the start of this Tour of Qatar that it would be very important for me to be able to sprint against Alessandro Petacchi, and important to be able to beat him," noted the 26 year-old winner. "Today, I again managed to do so and I'm very satisfied. If you look at the last few seasons, I haven't really had the opportunity to sprint against him. Here, with my Quick-Step team, we have the opportunity to see how he sprints, how he prepares... We also have the possibility to work on a strategy to beat him. To win two sprints against Petacchi so early in the season is very good for the morale."

OK, a bit bland, but that's Cycling. Pics are from Le Tour, who owns the race. They have pretty timely writeups too.