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Overcoming: Initial thoughts

Drew and I both received the DVD Overcoming for Christmas and we've been critiquing it a bit off line, and we certainly have different opinions of it.  I did enjoy it, but I was surprised to see Bjarne Riis and CSC essentially supporting Postal.  I can understand the concept of ONCE and Euskatel teaming up to attack the Maillot Jaune, but it seems odd for another team to help them in return for a stage win and a podium finish.  To me this would be like my beloved Red Sox making a trade with the Yankees that would guarantee the Pinstripes the division and WS, and the Sox the Wild Card.  
I'm not referring to the early stage where Brunyeel called Riis and decided to break up the peleton (although Riis seemed more than happy to help). I'm thinking more of the scene where Voigt (on one of his daily breaks), was called back to essentially lead the Postal train in an effort to pull back Jan on stage 15.  Or the gifted win by Basso and then his future support of Armstrong.  
Maybe I need to watch the 2004 tape again, but was anyone else shocked at CSC's willingness to help Postal? Am I missing something?


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