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Pat McQuaid Is Finished

Somewhere in the mind of a less addled scribe is a punchline for McQuaid's new racial explanation for the doping problems... finding his inner Mel Gibson? Whatever you want to call it, the man is officially batshit cRaZy:

"There is a clash going on at the moment between two cultures, the Anglo-Saxon and what I might call the mafia Western European culture. The Western European Culture is a culture that has to some extent - I won't say condones doping and cheating practices - but because of their culture in life, because of the way they deal with everything else in life they accept certain practices."

First off, Pat, don't make me look up statistics on Ireland's employment levels, economic growth, crime rates, etc. Somehow I don't think the Anglo-Saxon upbringing has saved his country from problems common to the Latin nations. On its face, the cultural argument is weaker than an icy cold mug of Miller Lite.

But the real point isn't his argument on its face, it's of course the notion that a person in a leadership role would so enthusiastically burn most of the biggest bridges the sport has. Poking Spain, Italy, France -- ever hear of the grand tours? -- in a manner so offensive ensures his and his allies' isolation from the three most influential Cycling nations. Maybe Belgium too; McQuaid neglected to pass judgment on their cultural merit.

In other words, he's done. You can't pull shit like this and continue to function in your job. See ya, Pat.