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Valverde to T-Mobile?!?!

Update [2007-1-8 19:44:48 by chris]: CN's Susan Westemeyer called T-Mob and they're saying it's hogwash. She and Andy Hood can fight it out at T-Mob's camp in Mallorca this week.

Update [2007-1-9 2:11:50 by chris]: CN has a follow-up where T-Mobile pleads the she-wanted-it defense. Apparently the Cd'E management is none too amused. Anyway, it appears the possibility was once real, but is mere rumor at the moment.

Hold the phones... VN reports Alejandro Valverde is talking to T-Mobile about a move, effective immediately. Thanks to reader Adra for the tip.

This would have a few drastic effects, in no particular order:

  • Linus Gerdemann's endless apprenticeship continues.
  • The previous post reviewing the transfer season would be rendered 60 percent irrelevant.
  • Cd'E-IB would be all Oscar, all the time... which might be fun to watch.
  • Valverde would be making a big move to dispel rumors of his cheating (valv.piti??) by joining the team with the most robust self-policing scheme and anti-doping contractual obligations.

Until it happens, it hasn't happened. But for now... wow.