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UCI Defrocks DiLuca!

Well that didn't take long. The UCI has annouced it's removing Danilo DiLuca from the Pro Tour rolls just in time to deprive him of a nearly-won season-long championship.

The UCI issued a statement on Thursday announcing that Di Luca was "excluded from the UCI ProTour ranking in accordance to the article of the UCI regulations." That rule states that any suspended rider will be excluded from the classification if the suspension lasts "until the last event counting for the ranking."

One could certainly argue with the intent of such a provision, and I suspect there's enough money at stake to force DiLuca to do just that, but on its face the rule apparently supports his removal, technically speaking. Just like that, a hard, successful season is lost, because of "collusion" with a drug doc in a previous year. On the one hand, this is the kind of ugliness that stained the Tour, only at least in Rasmussen's case he seemed like he might be cheating. But, in fairness to the UCI, having the Pro Tour leader suspended by his home federation put them in an awful position to begin with. I disagree with the action, but it wasn't going to be pretty either way.