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Le Foglie Morte: Updates...

  • CyclingFever's startlist is fully baked for tomorrow's Monument. Removed is Valverde (virus?); additional names to remember are Stefano Garzelli, Rinaldo Nocentini, Vlad Efimkin, Luca Mazzanti, Gibo Simoni, Oscar Freire (hey, you never know), Carlos Sastre, and Mikhael Ignatiev.
  • TV coverage, from our friends at Versus will show its usual hour-long show later in the day. RAI-Tre and Eurosport have the live coverage. Not sure how to watch RAI3 on line, but it's probably out there.
  • Contrast that uninspired drivel to what's coming out of the Pez Tower in downtown Vancouver all week. They're still killing it... today they drive the course, a tried and true Pez gimmick (that I always love). Yesterday they told the almost-forgotten story of Giovanni Gerbi, winner of the first edition in 1905.
  • Don't forget: Cross world cup Sunday on WCSN...