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Astana Revolution?

According to VN's Andy Hood, America's Team might revive itself (in part) in Switzerland/Kazakhstan... today comes a report that Johan Bruyneel is seriously contemplating taking the reins of the troubled team and perhaps bringing Levi Leipheimer and Alberto Contador with him. This would be the blockbuster of the transfer season; pretty much anything involving Contador would be the blockbuster of the transfer season. Still, Astana are the team that was declared unfit to finish the Tour or to start the Vuelta, so any such move by Bruyneel and Contador would be the subject of endless raised eyebrows and whispers (Leipheimer less so). On the other hand, subtle journalist or fan gestures don't often affect the outcome of a bike race, and the Tour would be unlikely to exclude the recent winner, assuming he remains under no official suspicion of ever having done anything. Stay tuned.