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Open Thread

A little housekeeping on an absurdly busy day... and one in which there is absolutely NO interesting news.

I will post the final poll for the Podium Cafe Rider of the Year voting tonight; it'll run in the right sidebar all week. Voting will end Friday at Noon Pacific... and we will announce the winner Monday morning next week. The winner may or may not be the popular winner. Last year we awarded the final distinction to Alejandro Valverde, on the basis of being only one vote behind Floyd Landis, and with a marginally preferable resume as well as fewer clouds hanging over him. A similar dynamic is shaping up this year with regards to Danilo DiLuca... but with his legal troubles being from past years, we won't be quite as anxious to overturn the will of the people if it goes his way.

In addition to Rider of the Year, we should start digesting the various team performances, as well as transfer season. I'm inspired to do so, and am no longer chained to baseball games at night (yay Sox!), so hopefully things will start picking back up here.