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Daily Feedbag

Another weekly edition of the Daily Feedbag...

  • Efimkin to AG2R! I more or less thought of them as the top French outfit already, but this latest move really confirms it.
  • From the same notes, De Ronde is still toying with the idea of adding the Koppenberg back to the race's lineup of 752 climbs. The issue remains the descent, despite a recent round of repairs, and officially the Kortekeer is in its place. But the final deadline for the route isn't until Jan. 5, and organizers are apparently contemplating the more iconic Koppenberg.
  • Leon Van Bon has called it quits. Doesn't sound like a happy man to me. Strange times at Rabobank... they just completed one of their best seasons in ages, but they can't seem to shake the Chicken gloom. The retirement of two decorated Dutch stars isn't helping.
  • Ivan Basso won't go quietly into that good night, as many had hoped. Just what the sport needs. At least then we'll get more regular updates on his sister's journalism career.