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Pro Tour Title Nailbiter

Slow news day... but at least VN tracked down Danilo DiLuca as he prepares to race this weekend in the GP Cimurri in Italy. Racing? Wasn't he suspended temporarily while doping allegations did or didn't materialize? Well, no, not yet; he's going back to speak to CONI again over the latest allegations on October 16, and until then is free to ride. Italy removed him from their Worlds roster more or less voluntarily, which was just as well given the results. Presumably at that hearing his fitness to ride the Giro di Lombardia will be determined.

Cadel Evans trails DiLuca by a slim 15 points in the year-long Pro Tour competition, and is primed for Lombardia in a last-ditch effort to overtake il Killer di Spoltore. Should DiLuca ride, he would likely have little difficulty marking Evans and preserving his lead, and might even be a favorite to win. But if DiLuca is shelved, the door is open... though it still remains to be seen if Evans, after two exhausting grand tours, can walk through it.