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De Feedbag

Light posting this week; Mr Van P is in town and we've been averaging just under 40 miles a day. Which is fun, when you're in shape. Which I'm not. Still, the cycling world keeps on turning...

  • Stef Schumacher is German Cycling's latest piñata, a depressing note since Schumi has put together a nice year for the spring water boys. Still, there's something to be said for German anti-doping piousness to hone in on its own team too. Stories broke last week about "irregular blood values" being investigated, and no conclusions exist yet (though apparently the German Parliament is anxious to dive in). Now comes his own Ullrich moment, involving alleged "social drugs" and a fence.
"Since my girlfriend wasn't at home and I couldn't reach her on the phone, I got in my car to look for her at a friend's house, which is also in Nürtingen. Along the way, an accident happened, in which I damaged a garden fence. Under shock, I drove on for a few more minutes before I came to my senses and returned to the site of the accident. I am very sorry for this and [I am] glad that no one was injured."

Is it just me or does Schumi sound like he's talking to his parents? Also, how many college football stars have run over or through fences, on purpose, blind drunk, without making the papers? Pretty soon Bild will break the story that Schumi left the seat up at a unisex bathroom.

  • CSC's Alexandr Kolobnev capitalized on his world's form to win the Monte Paschi Erotica, albeit in rather unsexy manner, escaping with 10 others before launching a late, decisive, and dust-choked attack. Kolobnev is on the short list of favorites for the Giro di Lombardia in 12 days.
  • Paolo Bettini goes flying with his new best friend. Apparently his Olympic medal was busy that day.
  • Cookie to Barloworld. Back where it all began...
  • Another CN note: nice to see Gert Steegmans primed for Paris-Tours this weekend. With Tom Boonen shut down, Steegmans takes the helm of Cycling's one-day machine. And given his form and impressive feats, particularly in the just concluded Franco-Belge (a race I should probably pay some attention to next year), he's earned his shot at real Pro Tour glory.
  • George Hincapie sits down with VeloNews for a little chat on his new life in magenta.
  • Oh, and Ale-Jet is not yet in the clear from inhaler-gate, as WADA and the Italian Olympic folks are appealing his exoneration to CAS.