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Chicken Shit

All you need to know about that poor victim, Michael Rasmussen:

On April 24, a member of the Rabobank team board of directors sent Rasmussen an e-mail concerning airline tickets for a training period in the Pyrenees from June 25 to 29. He responded a day later, "I prefer if we can keep the trip quite [sic], as I am supposed to be in Mexico at the time." The director forwarded this e-mail to the chairman of the board of directors, Theo De Rooy, who responded, "I want to let you know that as employer I urge you to provide the controlling bodies with the correct whereabouts information! If you want to go training in Mexico, just go ahead, it is out of the question that your employer is going to cooperate in some cover up operation. The responsibility in this matter is completely yours!" In response, Rasmussen called De Rooy to say that he wished to keep secret from the press the fact that he was training with team-mate Denis Menchov in the Pyrenees.

Read the rest of the official Rabo internal investigation, if you dare; CN has all the details.