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World Turns Attention to Doping

VN has planted editor Charles Pelkey at the Third World Conference on Doping, a name that doesn't inspire as much confidence as they presumably intended. [Suggestion for next time: World Doping Conference v4.0.]

Anyway, the conference is taking at least one major step forward in the international effort to eradicate sports doping: accepting the resignation of WADA chief Dick Pound. Pound has been called just about every name in the book, on this and other websites, having inspired true resentment with his bombastic ways. Frankly, the agency could use someone a little more like a prosecutor than a political hack at its head. But the succession is off to a rocky start: presumed electee Jean Francois Lamour backed out of Saturday's election after ridiculous infighting, leaving New South Wales ex-premier John Fahey as the only candidate. I don't know him from Adam but he sounds like a politician. Problem not solved. CN notes have some more details on Fahey.

Scary postscript: Pound is angling himself for a position on the Court for Arbitration in Sport, where he would be - get this - a neutral decisionmaker. We can laugh, because it's not our livelihood at stake...

The conference's other piece of major business will be a reworking of the doping code, though Pelkey offers no details. Stay tuned on that one. There will also be plenty of scandal talk, but it's not clear if there's anything the conference will actually do about scandals. Again, stay tuned.