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Monday Feedbag

From the road all week... might be a bit of a slow one. Of course, I think that every Monday. And then the stories start rolling in:

  • WADA, with the UCI standing a few paces back and nodding approvingly, are going to the CAS to have Alejandro Valverde kicked out of the sport for two years. The CN notes have the goods, and presumably the others will follow. Apparently they're trying to open up a criminal case in order to obtain the evidence WADA and other dope-fighters keep insisting exists. Frankly, I'm a little confused, but the Valverde case has been a year-long logjam and I'm pretty sure this is an effort to force some action. If it succeeds, it won't be soon.
  • Also from CN, Jon Page's European Cross adventure isn't exactly the fairy tale he had in mind. Shorter Page's team (Sunweb Projob): start racing or else. Shorter Page: quit bothering me! Not pretty.
  • On a more pleasant note, here's your photo of the day. Ol' Monobrow is one of my early sentimental favorites, and that's before I realized he was a Palermitan.
  • Get used to the name JOhn Fahey, new WADA prez. The EU machinations was all just silliness in the end.
  • For all their coverage of the presidential elections, VN has yet to post much on the changes to the WADA code, adopted Saturday as well. Maybe it's in the works, but CN has some bits:
Penalities could be extended from two to four years if the offender is part of a large doping scheme, has been taking drugs for an extended period, has taken multiple drugs or used drugs that remain in the body for years. The code offers reduced bans, for those who cooperate, plea bargain or have ingested a banned substance with no intention to improve performance.

The code has to be adopted by Cycling (via the UCI?? and how messed up is it that I don't know the answer to that question??) before going into effect. WADA has set a 1/1/09 date for adoption by various sports and events (e.g. Olympic games) before they'll start making a stink. Presumably Cycling will respond quickly, though McQuaid and co. have stumped us before.