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Transfers Open Thread

Lord knows I appreciate the rare, actual reporting we get from VN's Man in Europe, Andy Hood. But passing on Gazzetta rumors can't be good for one's health. Today it's DiLuca may be joining LPR. The Gazzetta piece is a bit sketchy, or maybe it's just my Italian, but it states that a contract is confirmed, even though the quote is something about "interest" in an Abruzzese superteam. Admittedly, I have interest in an Abruzzese superteam... but I'll believe it when I see the rollout. DiLuca rumors have been flying fast and furious for a month now, and they all seem to dead-end when his Oil-for-Drugs status snaps people back to reality. Anyway, stay tuned on this one.

As for a real transfer rumor, Gustav Larsson goes to CSC. How many team time trials will they win this year? The over/under is "all of them".