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Eisel: Less Sprinting, More Hammering

I started the Bernhardt Eisel conversation earlier this week (I could just tell you guys were anxious to bring it up). Now CyclingNews finishes it:

"People like Bob say I am stronger than I let on and I can do more. But, I just got into my job as a helper and did it as best as I could instead of fighting it. I don't have to be the prima donna. I just need to do the job the team wants me to do well and I am happy with that."

This is so unacceptable. Eisel was my VDS team's key bargain-sprinter, the kind of guy who quietly doubles his points -- an essential element to a VDS team's success. So he got into his job as a helper? Yo, I want prima donnas!

Seriously, it's nice to find out what exactly happened. Transition was a likely explanation, and in a subtle way that was it.