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Giant Rules! [Audi Sucks]

OK, I suppose people are entitled to differing views of the sponsors for the former T-Mobile team. But I for one find it heartening that Giant Bicycles is sticking with Team High Road, despite the hystericia-induced departures of other sponsors. Of course, if they ditched, it'd be a contract violation, but their statement on the matter says it all:

The firm said that it was not influenced by other sponsors leaving the team. "We don't follow them. It is our intention to go on working with the young and promising talent," Davies said.

And then there's Audi, who is using T-Mobile as an excuse to abandon the sport:

"Through the removal of Deutsche Telekom, the team has lost its most important partner and with it, the basis on which Audi had committed itself. Therefore we will not continue our engagement in the coming year," said Audi spokeswoman Iris Altig.

Complete and utter bullshit. Audi makes cars, T-Mobile runs a phone company. Why is one company's sponsorship of Cycling a basis for the other's? Looks like a lame excuse for caving in to the ridiculous German media, so at least in their patheticness, the two are united.

Anyway, this thread is really just an excuse to show my appreciation to Giant for standing by the sport and one of its shining lights, the reconstituted Team High Road.