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Daily feedbag/some Mechs..

I've been lazy lately about posting, and Chris needs a day off, so..
In 'cross yesterday, Klaas Vantornout (Bel) won the Superprestige race in Eernegem, Belgium.  Sven Nys finished 7th (!).  Top American Jonathan Baker in 23rd.  Not sure if he's still flying under the radar, but he has got my interest now.  The pros continue today in Hamme-Zogge Bel.  
Sampson has decided to jump into the suddenly crowded road component group world with the indroduction of their Stratic line.  Too soon for a full report, but it looks to be a nice bridge between Shimano and Campy as far as smoothness and precision.  Some things I like are the cnc'd jockey wheels with ceramic bearings (nice and quiet) as well as a trimable front derailleur.  The shifter are neat with stacked levers behind the brake lever, that move the derailleurs in either direction.  No awkward thumb bar (Campy), different throw's (SRAM) or overall sponginess (shimano) of a brake/shift lever.  Stay Tuned for more.
Off to ride.  It just got cold up here too...