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Holiday Housekeeping: Eggnog Latte Edition

First off, happy holidays to all! Well, Hanukah has been over for ten days, so maybe just Happy Kwanzaa, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. I'm not going away anytime soon, so we'll be carrying on here at the Cafe throughout the next week. Of course, the exploits of DS Little Bear and DS Really Little Bear do tend to limit the volume. But the show must blog on...

2008 is going to be a very exciting year at the Cafe. Yeah, you knew that already, but here's some stuff you didn't know:

  • We will be kicking off the Virtual Directeur Sportif competition in January. The season itself won't begin til March, but to give you time for critical decisionmaking we'll roll out the structure well ahead of time. There will be a year-long comp as well as grand tour comps... but the latter will come from your existing year-long roster so you won't have to juggle two teams. Details on why this isn't as stupid as it sounds coming soon. Also, if today goes well, I will have ordered wool jerseys for last year's winners. Not sure if the same prize will materialize this year, but you never know.
  • The Cafe itself is scheduled to undergo a complete remodel in perhaps April, courtesy of our parent SportBlogs Nation. While it would be premature to get into details, let's just say that the previews I've seen are unfreakingbelievable, and this will pretty much become the best website ever. Functionality will be through the roof. As details come in, I'll share. SBN will likely roll out some of its baseball sites first, so when that happens I'll direct you over there to check out the fun.
  • With luck we will have some writers attending a few big races this year. I plan to go to California in February, and there's some other stuff in the works as well. Anyone planning to attend pro races should contact me if you're thinking of applying for credentials and blogging here about the race. At a minimum, don't forget your digi-cam and laptop.

And then there's the usual: live race threads, kvetching about video links, previewing every race ever, voting on nonsense, and regretting the next big scandal. Hope to see you all on a regular basis.

[And thanks to Starbucks for the clip art and recipe.]