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Mano a Mano!

Since it's pretty peaceful out there on the Cycling news landscape, and I'm not exactly brimming with creative energy at the moment (holidays are killers), I am assigning you - the Cafe patrons - to go over to the Cycling Quotient Head2Head feature and make some magic. It's discussed in the thread below but the basics are that you click on the link and match any two riders against each other. There are variables for the year (going back to 2003) and race type (limited to sprint stages, mtn stages and team or individual time trials) where you can refine the results. Skip those and you'll get the default, which is all 2007 races. Have fun with this, and report back!

Update [2007-12-26 15:19:49 by chris]: OK, I'll get it started (though E-goat really did so previously): 2005 Ivan Basso 6, 2005 Paolo Savoldelli 5. Dagnammit.

Update [2007-12-26 16:20:51 by chris]: Christophe Moreau 14, Jens! Voigt 12