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Het Feejdbagge

I love Dutch. Sure, I can't really speak a word, but my limited understanding of it is, you take the English word and just add some double vowels and consonants. Presto!

[As an aside to Dutch readers: a) I'm joking; and b) Dennis Bergkamp rocks. Ask Argentina.]

[As an aside to Argentine readers: a) I'm teasing; and b) can you call a national team meeting the weekend of Roma at Inter? Thanks.]

Back to Cycling... Is it just me, or is today's news one confusing story after another?

  • Meanwhile, over at Astana, more weirdness: we covered Vino's slap on the wrist below. But Kloden's return is baffling, given that the team brought in new management as well as that management's stable of Tour de France riders. His reasoning?
"I am content that uncertainties have now been resolved and I will devote myself to my profession. The quality of the team and its attitude has led to this decision."

Uncertainties? Also, up til now he wasn't devoted to his profession?