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Podium Cafe Directeur Jersey Order!!

Remember past discussions of making Podium Cafe wool jerseys available for sale? I think we're ready to make it happen. When last we discussed, a dozen or so people were interested, but the maker ran out of material for the year. Well, they've restocked, so we're back on. A few questions:

  • Are people interested? Whether or not you said before that you wanted one, please chime in here or email me ( and let me know.
  • If interested, we can do this two ways: a bulk order, or where I set up a page with the maker for you to order your own. Absent a pretty big order I think the price difference would be minimal, so I'm recommending the latter. Go here for details. Or better yet, if you want one NOW, let me know and I'll assemble an initial order for the early purchasers, AND set up the open form for people to buy later.
  • If you want me to order you a jersey, make sure your PodCaf profile contains your current email address so I can contact you about payment.
  • Contact me with any Qs about the jersey, though I can tell you that wool is really nice and soft...