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Alive and Kicking

Floyd Landis doesn't have a team, a reputation, or even a hope of sitting on a bike in France this year, but over at his blog he sounds like a man not ready to give up. Apparently he's been limiting his posts to monthly updates on his hip. If Landis never returns to the Pro ranks, it will deprive us of the chance to see a great story unfold: a cyclist with a hip replacement hammering up the Alpes.

The highlight of the last month was my CycleOps PowerTap training camp here in Southern California. We had a total of over 50 riders at the camp and did a week in the hills and mountains in the sun of Southern California with the temperatures topping out in the 80's. We climbed to over 5,000 ft. on Mount Palomar and Idyllwild, rode the 27% grade Goat-Dog hill, did a power test time trial and stopped for a World-famous Nessie Burger. 400-plus watts was a regular occurrence, and I topped out at 1100 watts on the Goat-Dog climb.

1100 watts. I'm pretty sure my entire family couldn't generate that sort of instantaneous power. I wonder what'd happen if next time I'm on the Computrainer I set the pacesetter at 1100 watts. Gotta try that one.