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Daily Feedbag

Snack sized today, but I did see a couple items that I couldn't pass on...

  • CN attends the Lampre rollout, notable for its apparently complete lack of supermodels. This is a first for an Italian team in a while. In fact, from a distance it's not clear what aspect of Italian society is not run by supermodels. But brave Lampre, changing the conversation, have traded in torsos for torque (nice try, eh?), posing in front of some jets from the vaunted Italian air force.* It's a more logical fit, and if Lampre have the season they're capable of, maybe things will change.

[*One unique benefit to Italian-American lineage is full license to make fun of the Italian military. Sometimes I think Dino Buzzati's The Tartar Steppe is a true depiction.]

  • Another slightly personal note: VN checks out the Montreal-Boston Tour, where they're speculating on a Tyler Hamilton sighting. Three years ago Tyler could have paraded into Massachusetts as a hero... something he literally did after the broken-collarbone Tour. Now... it'll be interesting to see. Anyway, stage 5 from Jay Peak to Sugarloaf (SIC? Sugarbush?) is a ride anyone who finds themselves in Vermont with a bike and some warm weather should do.
  • Thanks to Adra for this link to the NY Times story on Team Slipstream, bringing anti-doping attitude to the US Continental Tour.