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Virtual Directeur Sportif 2007! A Quick Update

Last week's point values post by Clydesdale put a few thousand volts of excitement into the community here, so it seems, in anticipation of our inaugural, never-tried-before, season-long Virtual Directeur Sportif competition. Well, that was a few days ago, and not much has happened besides some banter, so here's a short process check.

The deadline for submitting teams is March 1!

Now, with some basic math and internet skills, you could put together a team in as little as 10 minutes, so that's actually a fair amount of time. It also means we can't include the Tour of California in the points, which is just as well, lest everyone load up on CSC riders. [Hm...]

Rules: You can start picking your team now, based on the information that's been given out so far. But the formula has some tinkering left, which I plan to nail down by Thursday morning with Clydesdale. So if you're picking your squad, don't turn it in til you get the final rules. Check the previous thread for some idea of the possibilities.

Tech: Clydesdale has designed a Google Spreadsheets form where all our teams could be lodged in one place. This is an important development... we want to follow along, but Clydesdale has a life outside calculating rider point totals. Do people object to Google Spreadsheets? You'd need a Google login to work with it. Take the attached poll to let me know if this works for you.

That's it for now. Look for an announcement Tuesday or Thursday finalizing details (I'm out Wednesday), but don't wait til then to get cracking.