Virtual Directeur Sportif 2007!!

Ok folks here are the official rules:

**Please Check The Rider Point Values Again**
I had to adjust a few of them so it may affect if you were building your team from the prior point values. (Mr Van P, this will effect your team)

Podium Café Virtual Directeur Sportif Competition

    Each team must have 25 riders in it. You have a rider point value cap of 100 points. You can spend what ever amount you want to up to that max. The point value for riders is available here. The riders are your team for the entire season, unlike some of the other cycling games out there you do not have to designate a "Team" for each race. What ever riders you have from your 25 in whatever race will earn points for you. This makes for an interesting case of looking at the larger picture. There will be times where your team may be in action at several different races at once or you might not have but a couple of riders going at any one time.

    The points are awarded according to the posted schedule. There are points for the finish in each stage of stage race as well as an overall point value for the Overall finish. Stage races will also have points available for Sprint, Mountain and Overall rankings for each stage as well as overall final rankings at the end of the Race. Time Trials will be awarded points by the individual and Team Time Trials will be awarded points by the Team placing to each rider on that team.

    Team member replacements are allowed only in the case of an injury and are limited to 2 Riders and prior to the Start of the Tour De France only. These replacement riders are at double the normal point value toward your cap cost. For example if you want to replace an injured rider and the replacement rider has a normal value of 5.5 points then it costs you 11 points toward your cap to replace him. If it is a minimum point value rider that your are replacing and cannot get under the cap due to doubling then the doubling is waived. No replacements for poor performance are allowed. The riders are your team members regardless of performance.

    Teams need to be in place by the 1st of March. There will be a posted showing your teams details as well as an overall ranking showing current standings. There is also a limit of one team per player.

Race Calendar, Pro Team Listing & Race Point Values

Blank Team Form

Podium Café Team Listing By Set

Podium Café Team Listing (Set 1)

Podium Café Team Listing (Set 2)

Podium Café Team Listing (Set 3)

Tech Note

After some consideration I have decided to have the team work sheets as viewable only. There are some issues with updating and having people work on them that could cause some problems. So to put your team into the competition just email me with your rider list and I will put it into the sheet and you can then use the above link to view your team and all the rest as well.

Good Luck

As a bonus if you get your team put together before the Tour of California I will use a couple to make a dry run on my scoring system and post the results. They will not be locked in until the 1st of March though.

***Update*** Due to a technical issue with how many cells that Google docs will support I am having to divide the team listings into separate documents. There are now two sets of team listings and we may have more as we get more players. I will post a listing of what set your team is in.

Team Set Listing