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Virtual Directeur Sportif 2007: A Few Notes

[editor's note, by chris] Reposted... because the March 1 deadline is FAST approaching... like the peloton snaring a breakaway in the last 5km.

The time is nigh, and (thanks to Pez) the word is out... so let me do a quick how-to and add a few other notes. To the regulars: excuse the repetition.

Getting Started

  • Log into the site. If you are a newcomer, please create a login... see upper right box. You can make it as anonymous as you like.
  • Select a team. The rules are explained in much greater detail below, but in essence you have 100 points to spend on 25 riders. Check the rider values spreadsheet, and also look at the points schedule to figure out where you need to win.
  • Once you've got your team figured out, email the names before March 1 to our VDS Commissioner Clydesdale:

That's it. You're done. Kick back and watch those points come rolling in (or not).

A few additional thoughts...

We have a leader's jersey which we will be passing around to whomever is in the lead after each grand tour. Site members donated $$ to have a few very stylish wool jerseys made (M-L-XL), which we'll be unveiling in about a month. We'll figure out a grand prize before the season ends, though I think we cleared out all the 1980s musettes from TC's garage.

One team per participant, but I'm actually going to create a second team made up of riders selected completely at random, with the aim of demonstrating whether or not knowledge of the sport means anything in this competition. This is the kind of exacting scientific research you can't get from a typical fantasy sport, where players can only be on one team at a time. My 3-year-old son Sage will manage the team. Special prizes will be awarded to anyone who finishes behind Sage.

That's all I can think of at the moment. Thanks for playing!