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Tour of Cali: The Prologue!

Not much info to add that you can't find here. As far as I can tell, it's the same as last year: 2km of flats, then a 1km hump up Telegraph Hill, with a short run at the top to the line. Of course, there's no reason to alter the course -- I can't think of a more entertaining course for an otherwise insignificant event. If a prologue could ever be worth watching, it's this one. Come to think of it, just discussing the course is reminding me why I was so impressed with the race last year. Everything was incredibly well planned, making a winter race with a middlin' field about as fun as could possibly be.

My pick for tomorrow? It was going to be Nathan O'Neill, but he's been held back after a run-in with a car. So I'll go with Basso. Yours?

Update [2007-2-18 12:32:47 by chris]: Basso? Did I really say that? I need more sleep.