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Daily Feedbag: ToC Stage 1

Things got off to a flawless start in SF yesterday, and here too as we got to dust off the old live-blogging that made this site its most fun last year. Unfortunately that may be it til Saturday, since Versus has sole video rights and thinks the nation's need for midday bull riding is a higher priority. But Saturday is the queen stage and should settle anything that the time trial hasn't already... and besides today, most of us will be at work when the deal goes down.

  • Today's stage is one for the photo galleries, sprinters, and spectators... 100 miles from Sausalito up through Marin county with a three-lap finish in Santa Rosa. It was here last year where we started hearing the name "Haedo". Well, he's back, so if names like Bettini and Paolini and Ciolek and Brown and Rodriguez don't bring their top gear, the Argentine could be the second 2006 winner to change teams and repeat in two days.
  • Jason Donald remains the big story on the world stage. He did, after all, beat the last four time trial world champions yesterday. The Slipstream site seems to have been stunned into silence.
  • Versus with the coverage at 10pm EST/7 Pacific. And Cycling.TV with a daily recap show.
  • Now I've seen everything. I'm organizing a protest of cyclists to march on Seattle city hall to protest Oscar Pereiro's late submission of his medical permission forms. Noon Tuesday. Who's in?