More Questions

More questions arise on the handling of the sampling at the lab involved in Floyd's testing. From The LA Times:

Anti-doping case against Landis may be in jeopardy

The French laboratory that produced incriminating doping results against Tour de France champion Floyd Landis may have allowed improper access to the American cyclist's urine samples, lab documents show -- one of a number of errors that could jeopardize the case against Landis.

A similar error, committed by the same lab in 2005, resulted in the rare dismissal of doping charges against Spanish cyclist Inigo Landaluze in December.

Lab records turned over to Landis defense lawyers and reviewed by The Times show that two technicians from the French government-owned lab were involved in both the original urine analysis and a second, validating test. International lab standards prohibit technicians from participating in both tests to prevent them from validating their own findings.

LA Times Story Here

While I hate to get the debate started again, this seemed to be a fairly significant development in the case. I have no position one way or the other but I would like to see a Solid case one way or the other. I hate to see the lingering doubts that this kind of thing can leave, true or untrue.