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PT vs GT: What the Teams Are Saying

On cue, CN talked to some teams to get their reaction on the latest flareup. And it's mixed:

  • FDJ's Marc Madiot: "I received the letter from the UCI but I'm going to Paris-Nice as every year."
  • Eric Boyer, Cofidis: "For our sponsor and especially for our racers, who are there to ride a bike and do not have to be taken as a hostage of a conflict between the international federation and the organisers, it is a question of good direction." Huh?
  • T-Mob's Aldag: "If the UCI forbids us to start, then we will naturally do what they say, because we support the ProTour and the UCI as the neutral authority of cycling."
  • Rabo's Theo de Rooy: "I assert that nobody wants to boycott Paris-Nice or other races. I confirm that Rabobank and the other formations of the ProTour have received a letter from the UCI in which it reminds us of the regulations that prevent us from participating.. Another firm point of issue is that the UCI is the maker of the regulations and has the task to manage cycling."

Bruyneel said the managers were planning to meet to decide what to do. And everyone is unanimous in calling for peace and a solution. Nobody wants a boycott.

Update [2007-2-23 13:9:43 by chris]: CN checks in with several more teams today.

Andy Hood has a good analysis of the issues at VN.