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Why Us?

What did we do to deserve Pat McQuaid? It's becoming awfully hard to argue that the Pro Tour occupies the moral high ground when its representative feels the need to write angry screeds to the media about the Grand Tours. Is he gaming the outcome and somehow concluding that if he's enough of an asshole, everything will all work itself out?

We all get angry sometimes, right? But anyone acting in a professional capacity should know that their personal feelings aren't more important than doing their job. I don't like everyone I negotiate with, but I'll be glad to say nice things about them to anyone who asks, if it gets my client what we need, and if I felt differently, I'd deserve to be fired. This isn't heroism, it's basic professionalism.

So how is Pat McQuaid still drawing a salary? I'm beginning to wonder if his firing is the only way to get things back on track.