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Hincapie Crashed Out of Classics?

So it seems. I can't find the original, but CN claims it got this from the Discovery website:

George Hincapie finished stage six of the Tour of California with a broken wrist, Team Discovery Channel has announced. He and teammate Tony Cruz crashed early in the stage when Cruz bumped Ivan Basso's wheel, but both finished the stage and defended teammate Levi Leipheimer's overall lead.

After the race, x-rays showed that Hincapie had broken his wrist, "specifically the radius - the bone of the forearm that extends from the outsider (lateral) of the elbow to the thumb side of the wrist", according to the team's website. Hincapie will not be able to ride the race's final stage on Sunday. Instead he had to undergo surgery on Sunday morning, and will miss out on the Spring Classics he had targeted this season.

This is the first huge bummer of the season. Well, rider-specific anyway. As far as the Virtual DS is concerned, since rosters aren't done, I guess there's no reason people can't substitute for Hincapie now.