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Daily Feedbag

I didn't want to do a feedbag today, but I felt I had no choice... Much of this is stolen from CN or VN notes, except where otherwise linked.

  • First, to the road: Andy Hood writes a real race story over at VN to describe Ale-Jet Petacchi's sprint win at Valenciana stage 2. Sounds like Petacchi's knee will be ready for the Via Roma in San Remo.
  • The Pro Tour Mess rolls on... and that Pat McQuaid sure knows how to cobble together a coalition of the willing, issuing "very strong threats" to the French teams who occupy the worst position between a beloved race (Paris-Nice) and their sport's licensing structure. Why must he do everything in public? And what's next, childish taunts to his members? Meanwhile, Illes Balears cites the UCI as the reason they don't want to sponsor Cycling anymore.
  • Oscar Sevilla (Relax-Gam) is the latest Puerto rider to move on and start riding again. At what point is it debatable that Operacion Puerto even happened?
  • A few choice quotes of the day:

Asked if he was looking for revenge, Van Petegem answered, "I have already taken revenge by going to Lefevere's team. I am now in a stronger team."

Bruyneel on Hincapie's return: "We'll wait one week and see how it goes. He will be able to ride his bike pretty soon, but it's not very realistic to think about Paris-Roubaix. It's not just a Classic. It's the cobblestones. That's the issue."

Karsten Kroon, like most cyclists, isn't normal.  Ten days after breaking his rib, "I sat up in bed to sneeze and I almost passed out from the pain. There was no doubt something was wrong and I went straight to the hospital. As it turned out there was a gap of about one centimeter in the fracture."