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Unibet: One for One

Update [2007-2-6 13:51:38 by chris]: This is the coolest jersey in Cycling. And all it took was a sanctimonious French law against advertising gambling. Anyway, CyclingNews has some photos and results posted, including this beautiful display of how racing feels after two-plus years in the wilderness. All he's missing are the bleeding eyeballs.

Newly minted Pro Tour squad Unibet is batting 1.000 so far in races on the Continent, as Jeremy Hunt won the "Bal", as L'Equipe's website refers to the GP d'Ouverture La Marseillaise. Of course, Unibet is hardly a new team, so in retrospect Hunt spoiled the real story when he pulled away from Tinkoff's Mikael Ignatiev in the end, denying the newly formed Russian-Italian squad a win in its first-ever appearance. Staf Schierlinckx (Cofidis) was third.