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Daily Feedbag

  • Daily Peloton checks in with the first English-language description of how "le Bal" was won. [Disclaimer: I have no idea what "le bal" means, whether it's a nickname for the race, generic term of some sort, racial epithet... who knows?] They also had a nice preview of both Le Bal and the Etoile de Besseges race running Wednesday thru Sunday. Here's a 2005 Etoile preview with a bit more detail.
  • Milram have posted their lineup for the GP Costa degli Etruschi this Saturday. Looks like the Petacchi Express to me... though all we saw in Qatar was the Local.
  • Bradley Wiggins' "I'm ashamed to be a cyclist" diatribe is painful to read, but I think it's interesting. When riders start talking like this about the sport's dirty secrets, you get the feeling that there's no turning back in the doping wars. Watershed moment?