Podium Cafe VDS Comp.

[editor's note, by chris] For any newcomers, we are planning a season-long competition known as the "Virtual Directeur Sportif" which vaguely resembles a fantasy sports game, except for the omission of the creepy sounding "fantasy". Everyone who logs into this site is invited to play, for free. Last season we did these competitions for individual races, and may again this year too if Clydesdale is amenable. For a good explanation, go here. There is a winner's jersey in the making as we speak, which each competition winner can keep and wear until the next race's winner is crowned. But now... the season-long competition is taking it to another level. Hopefully up.

Ok, So after many hours of toiling I think I have come up with a worthy point ranking of the riders. Using a combo of last years UCi Rankings, Cycling4all rankings and our VDS rankings from last year I evened them out as far as weight goes and then combined them to get the rankings below. I am working on the team layouts but I would like everyone to look over the rider list and let me know your thoughts on the point values. Teams will be required to have 25 riders and you will have a hundred points to "spend". This should make sure that everyones team has has to include a variety of riders.

Here is the Spreadsheet.
There are tabs on the spreadsheet for Current Teams and by rider or Point lists.

Should have the final rules by the end of next week but you can start working on your teams with this list.


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