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Breaking: Discovery Pulls Sponsorship Plug!!

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CN has the news that the Discovery Channel, following its own internal shakeups, will axe its sponsorship of America's only Pro Tour team after 2007. VN has it too, though for now the Paceline is silent. Apparently USA Today is the original source. From I-Can't-Believe-It's-a-Newspaper:

Discovery's decision to not renew for a fourth year is connected to Monday's firing of Discovery Network's president Billy Campbell by new Discovery Communications president and CEO David Zaslav.

Campbell was the major force behind the company's decision to sponsor the team in 2004. He also pushed the team to sign Italian star and Tour favorite Ivan Basso this year despite a since-resolved controversy about the rider's role in a Spanish doping scandal.

"This would not have happened if Billy Campbell was still there," Stapleton said. "This is about their change in management."

How big is this? If they round up another name sponsor, not so much. And with Lance an owner of Tailwind Sports and the team, I'm guessing he can round someone up. But til then, they're in limbo.