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This Weekend's Action

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Well, I've been hunting around for coverage of Milano-Torino, and the only thing I've seen (in a chat on Cicloweb) is that RAI-3 is showing highlights, or the last half-hour, right about now. Either we didn't miss anything, or I didn't figure out how to not miss it in time. Either way, results should be up soon.

Meanwhile, the Pro Tour kicks off tomorrow. We made this a tad anticlimactic here by doing our own kickoff last weekend for Het Volk, and frankly I think that was the wise choice. There's no way tomorrow's prologue will have one-tenth the drama or entertainment as either of last week's races did. But still... the Pro Tour is underway in a matter of hours. And we will be here live, blogging along with our Cycling.TV buddies.

Respect to 1km2go today, who yesterday nabbed the OP-is-closing story, 24 hours before Eurosport and VeloNews caught on. Is this Earth-shaking news? Maybe not, since recent reports suggested things at OP were tailing off, but the finality of OP's failure is a pretty big deal, IMHO.