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Milano-Torino: VDS Open Thread

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One housekeeping note: out of respect for the people who visit here as non-owners of a VDS team, I'll be doing open threads to give the gloating and smack talk a proper outlet that doesn't take over the whole site. Capisce?

Update [2007-3-10 11:36:59 by chris]: Danilo DiLuca wins!!! From La Gazzetta dello Sport, it sounds like he attacked on the Superga, got away with a Colombian named Rodriguez of Barloworld, and took the two-up sprint. Kim Kirchen 3rd. Full results coming. Bravo il Killer di Spoltore!!

Update [2007-3-10 12:11:34 by chris]: Speaking of big names, Alejandro Valverde won today's stage 4 time trial in Murcia. He'll wrap up the overall win tomorrow, barring strange events. Great day for Pro Tour winners.