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Podium Club: Dura Ace Component Groups!

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Our first offer to our new Buyers' Club comes courtesy of our erstwhile partner in the Podium Club:

Pretty memorable name. And no, they are not part of the vast, sprawling Podium Cafe Empire. Anyway, on to the important part:

Members of the Podium Club can buy a complete Shimano Dura Ace group for only $995.00! This complete kit includes crankset, bottom bracket, STI brake/shift levers, brake calipers, front and rear derailleurs, chain and cassette. And this is WAAAY below retail.

Details on the flip:

The first offering is a complete 8-piece Shimano Dura Ace component group for only $995.00 (California residents add sales tax). Not that it needs much introduction, but Dura Ace is arguably the world's number one road cycle component group (unless you're a Campy snob), and is employed by probably half the bikes you see in the Pro Tour. This offer is for a complete kit that includes double crankset (specify length), bottom bracket (specify threading), STI brake/shift levers, brake calipers, front and rear derailleurs, chain and cassette (specify gearing). Typical retail price is $1300... so this is a pretty amazing price.

To take advantage of this deal:

  • Contact Owner Chris Evertsen at Podium Cycles by using their email address set up for us: Update [2007-3-13 13:21:39 by chris]: they're having momentary email trouble; try later or call. email working now.
  • Include your Podium Cafe username in your email
  • Questions? Further info? Call (888) PODIUMC-ycles, or go on line and check out their other inventory:

Update [2007-3-13 13:21:39 by chris]: International shipping is available.

Some info about Podium Cycles, from their website (mostly):

Podium Cycles was born from a love of bicycles and bicycling.  All of our employees are cyclists and live to ride.  Our experience is deep ranging from Team Directorships to tenures in product development, marketing and sales for the worlds biggest bike companies.

Though we are a relatively small company, our combined experience totals more than 70 years, millions of flight miles and thousands of cycling contacts throughout the world.

We believe in giving you, our athletes, straight forward honest information about products.  We believe that cycling is as much art as science, Zen as sweat.  There is never an absolute right or wrong answer.  Hopefully you will appreciate our education as much as our pricing and service.

Based in North County Costal San Diego feel free to contact us if you are heading to our cycling haven, we would love to go on a ride with you!

Podium Café members only discount program: In a new partnership between Podium Café and Podium Cycles, Podium Café member have access to exclusive specials and discounts from Podium Cycles. Podium Café is a premier cycling internet blog site that is growing every day, and Podium Cycles is a specialty retailer of world class cycling products and the US distributor of Guerciotti bikes.

The Podium Cycles and Podium Café members program was started cyclists for cyclists so you can get the stuff you want at a price you like. Podium Cycles will post with regularity special pricing on select components, kits, frameset and complete bikes that are only available to Podium café members.