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Le Due Mari: Resources

I have to say, Cycling.TV's non-deal with Tirreno Adriatico is a personal bummer. As the map shows, the race runs through and around Abruzzo, ancestral homelands of the Podium Cafe, and it would be nice to see some of the scenery. The terrain is rugged -- home to Gran Sasso National Park and other protected areas -- fully a third of the province is park land. Sort of the North Cascades of Italy, without the 250 days of rain.

Anyway, the official site is over at La Gazzetta dello Sport, and has the usual who-what-where.

Besides Elvisgoat's excellent writeup below, CN is the only other major media site (heh heh) to get their preview up and running. Italy correspondent Gregor Brown says stages three and six will include decisive climbs, and stage five is the time trial.

And our Dutch friends at CyclingFever have the most up-to-date startlist with DiLuca replaced.

I will be on travel for a couple days, but if others here can find a way to get live video or audio, please pass it along. Grazie!