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Daily... I mean Nightly Feedbag

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Whew -- long day. We're in the other Washington now, where it's 75 degrees. And tomorrow I'm supposed to go to a conference where people will deny that global warming is taking place. [OK, I know a day is too small a sample, by about 10 years, but I can tweak people, can't I?] Anyway, this is one of the better weeks in Cycling, two esteemed races going simultaneously, and virtually everyone (except the Kid, it seems) in action, with pro tour points on the line. It may still be March, but this kind of gets the blood pumping.

  • Alessandro Ballan's collarbone might just be in one fine piece after all. Someone mentioned in comments that he went down in the crash with 50km to go in the Due Mare, but nobody has the story, not even La Gazzetta, and Ballan is listed as finishing in the pack. I spent the whole day on the plane writing his season's epitaph in my head, and am glad I don't have to print it.
  • Less than five weeks from the opening stage, the Tour de Georgia announces it ain't dead yet! VN's coverage is short on details, but apparently they cobbled together a number of sponsors to make up the $2 mil budget gap. Excellent news for American cycling, and for some Tour contenders too who didn't want to be in Belgium that week.
  • The only Grand Tour to keep its dirty laundry out of the public eye, Unipulic/La Vuelta, gave CN an interview in which director Victor Cordero sounds unnaturally reasoned. The last chapter of this story hasn't been written, but between Cordero's careful and non-obnoxious remarks, and Unibet's invitations to the Italy slate, it sounds like things may be calm for a while.
  • Tom Danielson will make his Tour debut this year. About time. Oh, and he lost time at Paris-Nice after getting stuck behind a crash.