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Tirreno-Adriatico Stage 5 Open Thread

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Sunday should shake up the GC as they contest a stressful 20km time trial. The course looks stressful, generally rising from km 5 to 15, with the last 3km of that in the 5-6 percent incline range. Not a climbers' course, but one that will draw out the power.

Some guys with a time trial resume include the Astana duo of Vinokourov and Kloden; Linus Gerdemann, Jens Voigt, and world champion Fabien Cancellara. Tyler Hamilton used to like these things too. Seems very long ago.

Anyway, it should shake things up, but Monday's stage is another climb-fest, so nothing will be over after today.

Some notes: Paolo Bettini's crash did not stop him from finishing, so hopefully like his compatriot Basso his trip to the hospital won't turn up anything. Basso, meanwhile, avoided a season-killing fracture, but is experiencing swelling and may be touch-and-go for a bit.